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Summary and Multimedia Magazine

Analysis and Media Monitoring

What is it?

When all the news comes from thousands of online sources, national and international, and social networks How do we assimilate so much information? Our Team will work and filter the information you need in a concise and detailed report, adjusted to your needs, updating every minute that is of interest to you.

What do we do?

If you need to download a Database of more than 1,000 printed media, including national, regional, local and international newspapers, allowing you to receive information in real time, filtered the most relevant news of your interest, you are in the right place.

We can provide this service, totally personalized. We will summarize the most important information, preparing an accurate report.

Our reports will allow your senior managers and positions to be informed at all times of all relevant information that affects their businesses and markets. We can facilitate the monitoring of any issue, both traditional media and what happens in Social Networks. We adapt to the device you are using in the format that best fits your systems, adapting at all times to your development. Increasing day by day your topic or topics of interest, providing a unique and exclusive service at any time and place in the world.

In what format they will send it to me, and in what way?

The format indicates you, and the delivery way too (we adapt to any system). Example: in XLS or XSLX (Microsoft Excel), XML, JSON, SOAP, CSV, TXT, MDB or ACCDB (Microsoft Access) ...

We will prepare the download according to your specifications and needs. And we will send it to you where and how you need it.

Examples: By FTP, via Webservice, by Email ...

We are a team that offers you more for less, the best prices in the Market, always improving all the current rates. You will have the best service at any time of the day as we fully integrate the client. Speed, agility and the best service at the best price is our motto.

We summarize everything relevant to more than 100,000 online media available at any time of the day, regardless of the time zones, we always adapt only and exclusively to our client.

What price do they have?

This service does not have a specific price, we understand that a customer who needs 40 news per month is not the same as one who needs more than 2,000 news, we are committed to give you the best price in the market with a unique quality.

Contact us in the following email with the summary of what you need and we will detail the budget that best suits your business needs or leave your information, and we will contact you to provide the best service.

Summary and Multimedia Magazine