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Data Feed

Data Feed

what is it?

A Data Feed, is a mechanism through which users receive updated information from different sources. They are periodic downloads (daily, weekly or monthly) on the same categories of products, with which a computer application is fed (price comparators, sources or web channels ... are some examples).

What are they for?

For price comparators or web sources (Insurance companies, Clothing Stores, Outlet, Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Electronic stores, Flights, Travel ... are some examples), any application that needs updated data periodically, automatically, in general.

Where does DatosON enter?

We provide this data (daily, weekly or monthly), so that, for example, it generates a visual showcase. We will supply the data of the sector that you need to develop and project. DatosON daily update the data bank, so that your web source has that optimal information.

In what format they will send it to me, and in what way?

You put the format, and the delivery method too. In XML, JSON, SOAP, CSV, XLS, TXT ... we will prepare the automatism so that it adapts to the application you are developing. We will send it where and how you need it: by FTP, via Webservice, by email, etc. And if you prefer, we will look for the sources that best suit your needs.

Data Feed