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Database Debugging

E-Mail Cleaning Service

What is it?

Not all emails included in a database exist. Some have disappeared over time as some companies appear and others no longer develop their activity.

That is why, when sending emails, we receive those annoying messages of "Mail Delivery" since the mailbox does not exist in the recipient's server, as there is no such email server, since the domain does not exist, etc. . So, why save those invalid emails? They only make us waste time and money.

What we do?

We put at your disposal our Electronic Mail Cleaning Service. We will take care of cleaning your Database: checking the existence of each and every one of the emails, investigating if they exist, or if there is any problem when sending correspondence.

What is it for?

With our e-mail cleaning service you will receive a complete Feedback with the status of all your emails, detailing if it is possible to send mail to a specific recipient, or if the mail does not exist, or if you will not be able to receive your message . We will include all available information from the verification process, as well as the date and time at which it was checked.

This will separate the correct emails from the incorrect ones, so you do not waste time and money in your E-Marketing campaigns, and send messages only to certified and verified emails. You will see how your negative Feedback of each shipment drops to 0%.

What price does it have?

The price of this service is € 600 (plus VAT) for every 500,000 emails. Get in touch with us at if you wish to hire this service.

Database Debugging