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Fiber Optic Coverage Check

Fiber Optic Coverage Check Services

What is it?

Optical fiber is a transmission medium, commonly used in data and telecommunications networks, consisting of a very fine thread of transparent material, glass or plastic materials, by which pulses of light are sent that represent the data to be transmitted. The beam of light is completely confined and propagates inside the fiber with a reflection angle above the limit angle of total reflection, according to Snell's law. The light source can come from a laser or a LED diode.

The fibers are widely used in telecommunications, since they allow sending large amounts of data over a large distance, with speeds similar to those of the radio and higher than those of a conventional cable. They are the most advanced cable transmission medium, being immune to electromagnetic interference, and are also used for local networks where the advantages of optical fiber over other transmission media need to be exploited.

What do we do?

We offer the possibility of checking the coverage of numerous addresses thanks to our technology, checking, portal by portal and street by street, which users have access to Fiber Optic service, of several Operators. We check the Fiber Optic Coverage by postal codes, Localities, Provinces, Autonomous Communities or areas of interest of the client.

What is it for?

Are you an agent of any of the current Teleconunications Operators, and do you need to know the Fiber Optic coverage of a certain area to propose offers to their holders? Do not go blind, with this service you can know in advance the coverage of the areas of interest to go on insurance.

Fiber Optic Coverage Check