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What is it?

Also called georeferencing, geolocation involves the positioning that defines the location of a place in a given coordinate system. The most usual format to represent the coordinates of a place is Latitude and Longitude, in decimal degrees (DDD)

What are they for?

Our databases, in addition to the most common fields such as Corporate Name or Address, contain the necessary fields to geolocate the records that include them on a map. So you can use them to represent them on a GoogleMaps map (for example) in your mobile applications or on your web pages.

You can use them to show more visually the location in your web pages, or mobile applications, or to calculate neighborhoods with respect to the current coordinates of the mobile device (Bars, Restaurants or nearby hotels, Pharmacies on duty, for example)

in what format we provide them?

The most common format is the geographical coordinates CGS in the WGS84 system, although it depends on the source from where the data is obtained. Some Databases use other types of coordinates, such as the UTM coordinate system.